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Solutions & Services Support - Project Management

Creating and maintaining the Scope of Work and applying rigorous Change Control are only few of the daily tasks of a project manager. Gate-driven methodologies such as Prince 2 and Critical Path planning should form a standard part of the project manager's skills, but do they support a timely and high-quality implementation desired by the customer?

Managing a project is one item. Are your project managers also focusing on the many upscope opportunities that emerge during the implementation, and is there continuous management of project margin via financial tools?

Most important: Are both the customer as well as the internal organization completely aware of the plans? Is the customer satisfaction properly managed? Are the project presentations and updates handled via web-based (extranet) tools and collaboration software or is it primarily a paper and e-mail activity?

These are just a few simple questions. The answers may be considerably more complex.
Having run multiple large scale global projects, both for telecom projects as well as IT implementation projects, and having implemented several customer project extranets, I'd be pleased to assist you with all the above items.



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