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Market Research

A unique aspect of my experience is that it is based on actual, day to day, down-to-earth, communication business.
Items that would take months to collect via market research organizations are readily available, simply because I can pull this data straight from multiple sources. This saves money as well as the precious time-to-market for your company. An example is my research on a European-wide VOIP solution for residential customers allowing for implementation of services in over a dozen countries in one year.


Considerable effort has been spent in the area of infrastructure, portfolio, and service outsourcing to third parties. This effort involved both the business analysis side (e.g. via Boston Consultancy modeling) and the financial side. In addition to the Scope of Work for the outsourcing, I also may provide you with feedback from the operational side to make sure that your outsource model can be implemented successfully.

Business modeling

One cannot create a vision and set goals without having established a multi-faceted view of the business. During over 20 years of business analysis, I have created and refined a modeling tool that converges both the ITM and OSI layered structures. The model has been proven invaluable in the analysis of over a dozen different business development activities. It enables the executive leadership to gain a clear vision of the opportunity, and contains sufficient detail to also allow the operational organization to establish process and interface descriptions.

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