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Solutions & Services Support - Indirect Channels

Ever thought of expanding your sales via a partner channel program? Imagine the additional business potential and time-to-market you may be able to obtain when your partners include your portfolio in their customer offers. An indirect channel solution is an ideal way to grow the business in a non-organic way, without massive cash investments from either side. Interested in learning more about the additional revenue and operational cost savings that can be gained by creating a White / Private Label solution?

If so, what will be the requirements for your organization and systems to support this? Is there a financial model to support the new business? What is the growth expectancy and when will you be able to break even? What support tools will be needed to make all of this happen?

Have you considered the commercial, marketing & promotion, operational, and legal aspects of such structure, and created implementation plans for each of their components? What items need to be done first to setup the white label business and what items can be deferred tot a later point in time?

These are just a few simple questions. The answers may be considerably more complex.
Having defined and built a successful indirect channel solution for a global telecom provider - the first ever indirect channel for global wholesale services - I'd be pleased to assist you with all the above items.
My 'telco-in-a-box' solution has been created using a proprietary layered operations service model as well as using industry standards.



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