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Solutions & Services Support - Operations

Your Operations Division is the heart of your company. Its actions determine if your customer is happy, or will soon decide to award the business to your competitor.

For sure, operational cost savings will be a key item at your executive level. Are there ways to cut expenses and still improve the business output? What are the options to turn (part) of your operations cost center into a profit center?

Are the proper software systems in place to support your operations division? What systems do you actually need, and will they be able to support changing company goals? Do your systems match the work process flows or will you have to adapt your organization to the systems?

Are you considering e-bonding with your suppliers, or with your customers, to speed up services? How will this impact the existing processes?

Is your staff ready to cope with additional support tasks and growing customer demands?

Are you considering outsourcing (part of) your operations organization?

These are just a few simple questions. The answers may be considerably more complex.
Having been involved in the operations division of a global IP-based carrier and subsea cable provider, as well as in establishing software and staff support solutions for key customers, I'd be pleased to assist you with all the above items.

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