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Solutions & Services Support - Products & Pricing

Pricing a service may be less easy than you think. For example: How to tackle a price erosion that can be over 50% per annum?

What makes more return on your sales: IRU's, Prepaid, or Monthly leases?
Is your pricing done by a local wizard; a pricing guru that nobody understands, or have you structured the pricing process and created software pricing tools using your intranet? Do you require e-bonding with other companies to get your pricing organized?

Do you know what business aspects need to be included to price out large multi-service or multi-system deals and package the information in a format that your customer will understand?

Is your portfolio well-balanced, or are your products competing with each other?
What are the customer needs for building a new product/service, how to set up development in such way that the product reaches the market on time, how to organize promotion and marketing? How can you make sure that the existing operational structure accepts the new product?

These are just a few simple questions. The answers may be considerably more complex.
Having created the pricing methodology for global carrier as well as pricing structures for a portfolio of operations software products, and having negotiated these prices numerous times with customers, I'd be pleased to assist you with all the above items. On the product development side, extensive experience has been gained by inventing and building the world's first global wavelength product, a portfolio of data center / colocation products, as well as operation & maintenance support services.

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