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After 25 years in multiple responsibilities in (tele)communication and ICT business, working with systems & software suppliers as well as with carriers, I decided to converge these experiences together in the form of a Solutions Support company.

My focus is on the international business. Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I have enjoyed working and living for many years in Europe and the U.S.A.. I've further cooperated with customers from many other countries including China, Japan, South-America, and the Middle-East.

The element in my activities that I cherish is the relationship with my customers.
In twenty-five years, my activities have ranged from commercial and marketing leadership to hands-on technical. I've held senior positions in sales, business development, marketing and product management, program and project management, and operations. Key element in all these activities is my desire to support a customer with the things that make their business work. Some of my business friends have nick-named me "Mr. Fixit" which I consider a compliment.
My background and experience allows me to easily cross traditional borders between Telecom, ICT, Sales, Product Management, Operations, and Finance. This ability has been the basis for the many due diligence activities that I've done in my career, offering decision makers a complete picture rather than a smokestack-driven or politically biased view. My analytic skills allow me to tackle virtually any problem, or circumvent it where needed. is my way to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together, creating a solution with my customer - you - that works as you expect it to work, rather than a solution that forces you to align your business with someone else's ideas. can support you in many different ways. Please take a look at the Solutions pages for a glimpse of the activities that I may support for you.

I realize that some tasks can only be tackled by an experienced team. In my years in the industry, I've established a network of many colleagues, friends, that I can rely on to make sure your goals will be supported within the desired intervals.

If I can support your business in any way, do not hesitate to contact me at or at +31 65 32 777 87.

Gert Nieveld

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