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Nieveld Communications: Telecommunications and ICT Support Solutions

Nieveld Communications is an independent provider of advisory and contract services to support your business. A unique mix is offered of telecommunication and ICT related support capabilities. These pages provide an overview of the services that Gert @ Nieveld Communications can offer you. Don't hesitate to contact me directly to determine if I (or any of my partners) can support your specific needs. Contract and business development assignments typically range from several months to one year and include a post-contract maintenance support interval to facilitate a smooth transfer of responsibilities.
My success rate in this business area over the past 25 years allows me to focus entirely on assignments that I consider unique and extremely challenging. Assignment opportunities will compete for priority with other challenging activities such as my 19th century historical analysis projects (paintings and music), and new art commissions and many other Renaissance Man activities. I realize this sound presumptuous but I can afford to be selective. I enjoy having a large network of business friends to discuss support of any of your needs.

Market expertise areas:

  • Wholesale & Retail telecommunications (competitive and incumbent carriers, mobile networks, data centers)
  • Large business networks (global institutions, government & defense, research networks)
  • ICT and Telecom related software and hardware, integration at business layer with Billing/ERP, Decision Support /Callcenter SW
  • Knowledge based / AI software functionality, applications, marketing and busines impact
  • Sales & operations contracts, negotiations and projects with leading incumbent and competitive carriers in Europe
  • Extensive sales and contract experience in US domestic market
  • Multiple project and sales activities in Far-East, Middle East and Latin-America.
  • European country requirements for VOIP, Emergency, DID Numbering, Porting and Lawful Intercept services (16 countries).
  • Fluency in English and Dutch and excellent working level knowledge of German, French and Italian.

Business expertise areas:

  • Business analysis, strategy and development
  • Direct sales of complex hardware and/or software products
  • Market planning & strategy, C-level presentation and executive ghostwriting
  • Pricing: Global pricing methodologies and IRU/Lease/NPV calculations
  • Contract negotiations: Customer presentations, in-depth technology involvement, contract profitability management, legal aspects
  • Sales support, ranging from IPVPN proposal generation to dark fiber and maintenance services
  • Contract realization: Project management (web-based), feature and financial change control, upscope definition
  • Merger & Acquisition support: Company analysis on operational and product basis, company integration planning
  • Capital investment analysis, ownership candidates selection, executive sales
  • Product management, product development, life-cycle management, product financial control
  • Indirect Channel development, partner interfacing, White Label solutions, E-bonding
  • Outsourcing and Insourcing planning and implementation
  • Third party vendor management and vendor selection

Product expertise areas:

  • VOIP services for residential and small businesses, Videotelephony
  • Lawful Intercept solutions
  • International network planning and purchasing (fibre, wavelengths, IP services)
  • Access / City networks
  • Hosted space / Cloud services, colocation, meet-me design and realization
  • Telecom service and network layer software solutions and service integration
  • Submarine cable network planning and realization
  • Knowledge based (AI) workflow software products, dispatch management, call-center solutions
  • Telecommunication transport, multiplex, and cross-connect systems
  • IP converged services
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