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Solutions & Services Support - Infrastructure

Are you planning to build a new network, or considering to expand or upgrade your existing network?

Are you considering (dark) fibre, wavelengths, or IP/VPN for your communication needs? Are you familiar with the pro's and con's of IRU's and Leases, Rights of Way, Asset ownership? What are the trade-offs between building or leasing? Do you have a preferred vendor or are you planning to select a vendor? Any idea about their service levels, network reliability, reputation?

Do you know what's going on in today's market and if you're not sure, wouldn't you prefer to have research being done by seasoned professionals who know the market inside out?

Will you be using the network for your internal services only, or do you plan to interact with multiple partners and suppliers? Are your data center / housing/ colocation areas designed to support these needs at an acceptable price? What about growth? Do you have the knowledge and tools to manage your data center information, translating it into clear information for you customers as well as to your sales, provisioning, engineering, support, and financial organization?

Any plans to upgrade your network? What will that do for your existing services and customers? Is a smooth migration feasible and how does this need to get organized?
Are you ready for 40G? Is your network ready for 40G? Has the equipment selection been made? What will this do for you maintenance/support contracts? Will the new systems fit your existing operations environment?

These are just a few simple questions. The answers may be considerably more complex.
Having experienced a complete network life cycle over an eight year period ranging from planning, procurement, install, commissioning, operation, maintenance, to the migration of the legacy network towards a next generation network, I'd be pleased to assist you with all the above items.

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